5 Ways A Direct Sale Is Benefiting Diamond Bar Homeowners Selling in 2020

5 Ways A Direct Sale Is Benefiting Homeowners Selling in 2020Worried about selling your house during these uncertain times? Many sellers aren’t sure what do do when selling their house. Before you set your home on the market, find out about these 5 ways a direct sale is benefitting homeowners in Diamond Bar!

Right now within the summer of 2020, things are a bit strange for the economy and therefore the housing market. New processes are being formed and folks are using new ways to purchase and sell real estate in Diamond Bar. Many home sellers are taking their listings virtual or working with direct buyers to quickly sell without all of the fuss. A direct sale offers peace of mind and can make the whole selling process run far more smoothly.

Saving Time

One of the biggest benefits of selling your house directly is that the amount of your time you’ll save. With a direct sale, a home-owner is in a position to sell their unwanted home in only a couple of days. When selling with a real estate agentthe method can take weeks, months, or in some cases, the house might not sell at allwhich can put the homeowner back at square one. For homeowners who got to sell fast, paying the continued holding costs are often an enormous burden. Utility bills, property taxes, homeowners insurance, and a mortgage you cannot afford can add up fast. you’ll end up spending thousands on the house while the property is on the market. We work with homeowners throughout the Diamond Bar area who have tried to list a house, only to have the listing expire and their name still on the deed. once you sell your house to Casey Buys Houses, you can be assured that the property will sell in just a few days. Of course, if you need more time, we are happy to work with you to close on the property at your convenience.

Saving Money

Do you know how
much money it takes to list a house in Diamond Bar successfully? While the value does vary counting on the house, according to The Balance, it can take up to 10% of your final sale price when all is said and done. So if your house were to sell for $250,000, that’s $25,000 right out the door. Selling your house directly won’t only save you thousands in commissions, but we’ll prevent in holding costs, listing fees, repairs, and shutting costs. At Casey Buys Houses, we believe that you simply shouldn’t need to pay when selling your house. we’ll make you a good and direct offer which will save you time and money on the sale of your home.

Less Contact

Let’s face it. Selling a house in 2020 is unlike any other time in history. People aren’t out and about viewing properties in face to face, or maybe giving as much thought to a move. A direct sale to Casey Buys Houses means you’ll be ready to sell your house without trying to organize and schedule showings, hold an open house, or worry about all the cleaning required with numerous people walking through your home. Selling your home to a direct buyer is the simplest way to quickly sell your house in Diamond Bar. In fact, when working with Casey Buys Houses almost the whole process are often done virtually. Remote closings and therefore the ability to sign documents digitally make the selling process easier for everybody involved.

Less Stress

Instead of waiting, wondering, and spending cash, they will not have, homeowners, are ready to sell their Diamond Bar homes quickly and without spending any money on the sale. a direct sale to  Casey Buys Houses is a completely stress-free process. We will be upfront with you from start to finish so you will know exactly what to expect. We’ll be with you throughout the whole process to answer any questions you’ll have. Our goal is to create selling your house completely stress-free for you. Without trying to market and prep your house you may be ready to focus some time and energy elsewhere.

Gaining Information

Getting an offer from Casey Buys Houses may be a good way to find out more about your property and therefore the state of the local real estate market. Even though you don’t find yourself selling to us, you’ll be ready to get true insight into the worth of your home. there’s never any commitment or pressure to sell. it’s important for property sellers to accumulate all of the knowledge they can when selling. Getting a direct offer will provide insight and help to let the homeowner know exactly what to expect. Being informed, asking the proper questions, and getting all of the information you can will be of great benefit to you whether you’re buying or selling a house in Diamond Bar.

A direct sale of your house in Diamond Bar may be the opportunity you have been waiting for! Give us a call or send us a message to learn more about what we can offer you! (909) 455-9496

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