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How To Sell A House in Diamond Bar Without Sinking Any Money Into It

Sell A House in Diamond Bar Without Sinking Any Money Into It

Are you tired of owning a property that you simply don’t want or can’t afford? Putting it on the MLS can often be costly and take up more time than you want to spend. In this post, we can guide you in selling a house in Diamond Bar without dropping any money into it in less time than you may think!

Often times when people go to sell a house, the first thing they do is ask a friend to recommend a good agent or shakedown the internet. Though some agents are good and worth their weight in gold, this doesn’t always mean that it’s the best way for a homeowner to sell. For some homeowners who need to sell a house in Diamond Bar, selling as-is or a direct sale to a local home buyer can be the best way to go.

Before you call the shots on how to sell your home, get the necessary facts, and decide the selling method that will make the most sense for you. After factoring in money, time, and energy, your practical selling method may be different than you had thought. First, let’s dive into what listing your house in Diamond Bar could cost you…

What Will Listing My Diamond Bar House Cost?

Listing a house in Diamond Bar may come with tremendous costs that home sellers aren’t always aware of. A few of these costs include…

  • Expenses to make repairs both before and after the inspection process
  • Overhead to stage and clean the home for open houses and property showings
  • Marketing expenses not included with your listing (virtual tours, professional photography, etc.)
  • Holding while the house is on the market and through the escrow process
  • Closing costs which can amount to 1-3% of your final sale price
  • Agent commissions which are typically around 6% of your final sale price

According to NerdWallet, you should plan on spending at least 10% of the final sale price on the costs of listing your home. So, if your home ends up selling for $250,000, that is $25,000 out the door. That said, these costs can go higher or lower depending on the situation and property. It is crucial for home sellers to think about these costs, so they know exactly what to expect when selling a house in Diamond Bar.

How To Sell Your House Without Spending Money

There are mutliple ways to sell your house in Diamond Bar without exhausting any money. You may either list your house as-is on the MLS or work with a direct buyer to buy your property outright without the help of an agent. For some homeowners in Diamond Bar, one of these alternative options can prove to be a better way to sell your house.

Listing Your Diamond Bar House As-Is

Some home sellers choose to list their houses as-is, which will make things less costly for the sellers. While listing your house as-is in Diamond Bar will save you money on cleaning, repairs, and upgrades, you will still have to factor in commissions, holding expenses, and closing costs. All of these bills can add up to thousands of dollars, and that is without any promise of a return. Also, your house won’t get the same level of attention and appeal to as many buyers when listing your house as-is in Diamond Bar. Your property will need to look good in photos and should not have a long list of needed repairs.

A Direct Sale To Casey Buys Houses

Selling your home directly to Casey Buys Houses will help you to dodge all of the listing costs, including marketing, repairs, closing costs, holding costs, commissions, and more. You will not have to worry about spending any money at any time during the sale. You will be able to get an offer without having to agonize about any deductions or hidden fees. While our price isn’t full retail, the amount you can save may more than make up the difference, and that’s not to mention all of the time you will save.

Why Sell As-Is?

So why would someone choose to sell as-is in the first place? Wouldn’t fixing up the property add value, hence generating higher returns? In a perfect world, yes. However, when listing your house in Diamond Bar, you won’t have any guarantee that your repair costs will convert to a higher sales price. Fixing up your home can be a gamble. While it can add value in some cases, dopping money into a house you would rather sell can prove to be a poor use of your funds. By selling as-is, the buyer accepts the risk and you will be able to put your money into your new property, not the one you want to do away with.

Are you ready to sell your house in Diamond Bar? Before you hire an agent in Diamond Bar, find out what we can do for you! You don’t have to list your house in order to sell it!

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