3 Reasons Why People Are Choosing to Skip the MLS When Selling a House in Diamond Bar

Selling a house in Diamond Bar? If a property isn’t listed on the MLS, it may be difficult for buyers to find it and negotiate a deal. When owners are unable to make repairs and update the property to present it in its best light, buyers on the MLS view the listing as a bargain opportunity. It can be upsetting to receive their rock bottom offer with little or no concern for you as the seller and the actual value of your home.

Selling a home can be stressful and time-consuming, with the traditional listing process taking time and not necessarily being the best method when you are under a time crunch. In addition to this, when carrying a load of another home while your Diamond Bar home is on the market, it can become challenging for you to travel and care for your property or pay someone else to manage it for you. We explore three reasons why people choose to skip the MLS when selling a house in Diamond Bar. 

No Listing Expenses

One of the main reasons people choose to skip the MLS when selling a house in Diamond Bar is to save commissions. However, agents also have standards for marketing property, including professional photographers, drone videographers and staging professionals. Professionals use color and open space to provide a blank canvas on which buyers can paint themselves into the picture—at an added cost to you.

In the event of any repairs, you will be responsible for paying for them. Whether you pay for them before listing or during negotiations over contingencies, with outrageously high estimates from the buyers, you won’t pay for an inspection or appraisal or any commissions or hidden fees when you sell directly to a professional buyer like those at Casey Buys Houses. Through a direct sale to Casey Buys Houses, you avoid the costs of prepping or digging into a money pit by starting repairs; we take on all the risks.

No Showings

When selling a house in Diamond Bar, many people choose to skip the MLS and list their property directly with a real estate agent because they do not want to deal with the hassles of showings. Naturally, it would be nice to have at least 24 hours notice before a showing; however, when a client suddenly appears from out of town and has limited time, your agent is likely to appreciate your accommodation. In addition, these stress-filled showings can become highly stressful and tiresome. There is constant cleaning and removing all inhabitants from the premises, creating the illusion that no pets live within the dwelling and making it smell like someone is baking a fresh pie before locking the door behind you. You won’t have to jump through any hoops or worry about accommodating your buyer when you make a direct sale to a buyer like those at Casey Buys Houses. Additionally, our full-service team at Casey Buys Houses can do the final clean-up for you if desired.”

No Wondering When You’ll Close

For people selling a home in Diamond Bar, knowing the closing date is another reason why they choose to skip the MLS. When you face month after month of bills and the responsibility to continue making repairs, every day your listing lingers on the market depletes your profits further. Homes that sit on the market also tend to sell much lower than their original asking price. Our offer provides sellers like you with a guaranteed closing date because the power of cash backs direct buyers like those at Casey Buys Houses. Often, properties close within a few weeks but let your direct buyer know if that sounds too quick for your plans. We are happy to accommodate your objectives; we will set the closing for the most convenient calendar date for your upcoming move.

It is evident why so many people choose to sell their homes through an MLS and work with a direct buyer from Casey Buys Houses rather than selling directly. A direct sale to Casey Buys Houses offers convenience, saves sellers money, and allows them to make decisions based on factors other than pressure and obligation. Direct buyers at Casey Buys Houses offer sellers the numbers behind our offer, every option under no pressure or obligation to help them make an educated decision about what works best for their circumstances. You’ll know what you’d profit from a listing vs. selling directly. So why not find out the difference for yourself today? Talk to one of our direct buyers at Casey Buys Houses about your property, any obstacles you may be facing with time or finances, no obligation or pressure whatsoever. Call Casey Buys Houses at (909) 455-9496.

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