How to Sell your Home Safely During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Our lives have changed immensely due to this coronavirus pandemic. To flatten the
curve of the COVID-19 outbreak, profound measures of social distancing are currently
being rolled out in most countries. Everyone is urged to isolate themselves at home. Our
schools are closed, same is true of theatres, cinemas and bars. Travel for both business
and leisure is advised against. Borders are shutting. Major establishments are closing,
and majority are asked to work from home.

So, you’re planning to sell your home or already had it on the market when the
pandemic hit the U.S. and overturned life as we know it. If you’re wondering if it’s
possible to sell a home during a pandemic and want to know how to proceed without
compromising your family’s health, then read on.

While some home sellers are trying to figure out whether to sell at a different time or
pull their homes off the market, that may not be an option for most of us. If you are
trying to sell your home with the current market, there are some things you can do to
sell your home safely and help keep everyone involved as healthy and safe as possible.

Repair what you can and make the home look great
Now is a great opportunity to do some fixing. During this time of social distancing you
won’t have the interruptions from friends and families. The kitchen is the most used
room in any house so now is the time to make your kitchen standout. If you can update
fixtures consider doing it. Home’s sell, because of great kitchens. Now is a wonderful
opportunity to do some home improvement.

Decide on price and start posting ads
With this global pandemic take your time in pricing your home. Check what are homes
in your area are selling for with the home condition in mind. In the wake of this
pandemic, get busy posting ads online.

Cancel any open houses and do virtual marketing
We all know open houses are typically an efficient way to show your home,
unfortunately they are not advisable right now. It’s safe to say that gone are the days
of home showings with a welcoming real estate. With the Coronavirus pandemic,
there is the need to show a home in the safest way possible. Both the seller and
home buyer, should to remain safe.

Due to social distancing limitations you can’t show your home’s best-selling points in-
person through an old school open house, so why not open your home to as many
buyers as possible by doing a virtual open house. A detailed virtual tour can eradicate
the need for a home showing.

Pro Tip– selling your home through an investor like Casey Buys Houses would be the fastest way, they can buy houses virtually.

Finally, have faith. We are in the midst of a global pandemic, But this global crisis
will not last forever. Your home will sell. So, now is the time to get it ready and

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