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We Buy Inherited Houses In Los Angeles County California

Casey TeVault walks you through a newly acquired property in Rosemead California, Los Angeles County. The property was inherited and it made more sense to sell it rather than keep as a rental. Casey Buys Houses is taking all necessary precautions during this Covid-19 time by wearing facemasks, using hand sanitizer, keeping social distance, and greeting with a warm smile in place of a hand shake.

How Casey Buys Houses Is Helping Homeowners During Coronavirus Pandemic | Property Walkthrough
Video Transcription

Casey: Hey, Casey, with Casey Buys Houses, I’m standing in front of a property that was just sold and purchased in Rosemead, California. It’s two bedroom, one bath house. The owner actually… Hate these masks actually.

The owner actually inherited the property from his mom. She had passed away and he decided, a young man and didn’t want to keep it, didn’t want the burden of a rental, wanted to live his life, travel, focused on his job, his career and called us up and here we are.

Made him a fair offer and he’s ended up basically netting the same amount he would have as if the property were listed with a realtor, commissions were paid. I bought it for cash. I paid for all the closing costs and it was a win-win for everybody.

So here’s a property here. It’s a two bedroom, one bath, as I said. It’s about 1,050 square feet. It’s got a one car garage and a detached two car garage. We might do a ADU on the second car garage, or just kind of leave it raw and let the buyer, after I put it on the market, after I fix it up, let the buyer do as they wish. They could keep the two car garage as storage.

I’m in the kitchen right now. Keep the two car garage as storage or they could do the ADU themselves and rent it out, increase the value. But overall it was a win-win for the company and for the seller as well. Smiles around the table and that’s what we’d love to see.

We love to help sellers get what they need, get what they want and create win-win situations by making it frictionless and super easy for them.

So, make it a great day and I’m headed to another property. So I’m buying actively. With coronavirus, I’m being very careful. I’ve got hand sanitizer everywhere. I basically bath in this stuff. I got masks, so I’m being safe, being careful. My priority is to keep my sellers safe, keep my family safe and to still provide a great service.

So, take care.

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